Breeding Plans & Consulting

Each breeder new or existing must have a solid breeding plan in place if they are to have a successful breeding program. There are many elements that go into this process such as deciding what the end use of your breeding program is going to be. Are you looking to produce the biggest deer in the industry? Typical or Non-typical or are you looking to increase the size of the deer on your ranch or are you looking to grow shooter bucks for your ranch or to sell. It is extremely important that you define your goals ahead of time so that you are not wasting time and money on animals and product that will not get you were you want to be.

Once you have established your goals and objective with your breeding program you will then need to develop a budget and plan for implementing your strategy. We have spent significant time and resources researching the industry and have the knowledge and expertise in helping you with your breeding plan. We can help you design and then implement your program.

If you are a new breeder we can also help you design your breeding facility as well and help you with the paperwork necessary to become a breeder with TPWD. This can often be a confusing process without the help of other breeders.

Once you have implemented your breeding program and have built you facility and gotten you breeding permit the real fun begins. There are many issues facing a new breeder including deer health, fawn raising, A/I work, semen collection and purchasing equipment and supplies necessary to run your operation.

We have spent significant time and money going through the learning curve in this and many other areas related to running a successful deer breeding facility. Money spent with us helping you avoid the many pitfalls and issues you will confront is money well spent and is really an investment in your program rather than an expense. By recognizing and then properly doctoring just one of your deer thereby avoiding a mortality can often justify this service. The following is a partial listing of the services we provide if you purchase your deer from us we will provide many of these services for free if you want to purchase other deer then we provide this service for a fee. Please call for more details regarding this service.

  • Design and construction of deer pens
  • Design and construction of deer pens Design and construction of deer handling facility
  • Design and construction of deer pens Fawn raising and health- We have a designed and written a manual detailing feeding and bottle raising fawns detailing deer formula, feeding schedules, sickness and spread sheets for tracking. We have a second manual on what to watch for and how to doctor sick deer including a detailed listing of the drugs, dosages and disposition.
  • Design and construction of deer pens Fawn raising services
  • Design and construction of deer pens Semen Collection
  • Design and construction of deer pens A/I work
  • Design and construction of deer pens Purchasing of supplies, products and medicines