Breeder Bucks

With the explosive growth of the breeding industry there are many great deer that have been produced during the last few years. This can add to the strain of trying to determine what deer or semen to purchase for your deer breeding program. I have strived to find those bucks that have a proven track record of producing great offspring. There are some bucks that do not have ridiculous scores yet they produce monster offspring. Conversely there are monster bucks that don't produce quality offspring and that becomes the greatest dilema facing a breeder in finding those bucks that will produce the desired results of their breeding program.

At the onset of my breeding program I made the decision to breed for big wide typical bucks and did my research accordingly. I purchased my foundation breeder buck Gorilla from Gary Machen several years ago who at the time was one of his best bred bucks. Check out Gorilla’s page for pictures of his offspring. His Does in combination with Lone Hollow genetics and northern crosses have produced several awesome offspring and would make a great addition to your breeding program.

All the semen I have purchased and have bred in my herd meets the 12 point main frame or better criteria. The following is a list of the iconic deer in my pedigrees: Flee's Bucky, Reggie, Gladiator 2 and Aeromax Champ and Big Guy;  Lone Hollow Gladiator, Hector, King George, King Leonitis, Gladiator Supreme and Wide Glide; Ben Mooring's Gladiator Hammer, 4M Hammer, Bonecrusher, Maxbo Hammer and Gladiator Mad Talent; other names include Dreambuck, Maxbo, Doc, PA Geronimo, Maxbo Prikley, Marty McGraw.