Bred & Open Does

One of the critical things I learned early on in starting my deer breeding program was that contrary to conventional thinking a deer breeder should breed to produce deep bloodline does rather than bucks. In other words breed your deer based on the desired effect of producing a deep pedigree on the doe side and the big bucks will follow. Research has shown that your does have more to do with producing big antlers than do the bucks. A deer breeder can have a monster buck yet produce lousy offspring if he does not have good does. Therefore the single most important decision a breeder must make is to buy the right does in meeting his breeding criteria.

The does is our breeding program are all deeply bred foundation does from some of the best breeders in the industry. We are breeding our deer based on and with then idea of creating a monster pedigree for each doe. We will be happy to share our pedigrees and breeding strategy with anyone interested in purchasing our does.

All the does in our facility are bottle raised ensuring great enjoyment and ease of use in working with your animals in your breeding program. We believe this is one of the most important ingredients in having a successful breeding program. A calm deer increases the chances for more successful artificial insemination work and fawn survival as well as overall mortality rates in your facility. There is significant time and money invested in this process and definitely adds to the value of the deer.